Daniel is an accomplished courtroom lawyer who has handled hundreds of legal matters over the last decade. Named a Super Lawyer for 2013 and 2014, Daniel Flores is recognized as a top advocate who is equally adept at handling civil and criminal matters.

“I am a lawyer myself, and when I needed to hire someone to represent me, I turned to Daniel. He is a tireless worker who will be an invaluable public servant to the people of San Francisco.”

– Ryan Meckfessel, Esq.

He began his legal career as a litigation associate at Ropers Majeski where he handled various civil cases including: automobile collisions; real property disputes; construction defect cases; wrongful death torts; fire damage claims; wrongful eviction matters, and other intentional torts.

In 2005, Daniel established his own practice in downtown San Francisco, where he has represented a mixture of business clients and community members in various legal proceedings.

Among his successes as an attorney, Daniel secured a 1.5 million dollar settlement for the victims of a car collision caused by a drunk driver, and has been the lead attorney for a large supermarket retailer successfully defending it against a number of legal claims.

Daniel has a proven track record of success as an attorney and his results show his passion for justice. In 2005, Daniel was co-counsel in a binding arbitration that resulted in an additional recovery of $280,500 for the victims of a title insurance company’s failure to identify an easement on their property. In 2006, Daniel became one of the youngest attorneys in California to obtain a $1.5 Million dollar settlement for the victims of a car collision caused by a drunk driver. That same year he obtained a personal injury trial verdict for ten times the last offer made by the defendant. In 2007, Daniel secured a $100,000 settlement, and six months of free rent, for tenants who were the victims of San Francisco rent ordinance violations. In 2011, Daniel secured a complete dismissal of all charges for a man wrongfully accused of a heinous crime. In 2013, Daniel obtained a six-month home detention sentence for a man who was originally charged under California’s 3-Strikes law - after the court agreed that the alleged third-strike was unsubstantiated.


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